Should I Refinish or Resurface My Garage Floor?

As your garage flooring grows older, it is only natural to expect that it will eventually start to show some of the signs of its age. This is true of floors in general, as they are the most high traffic part of your home, and the part of your home that sees the most wear and tear thanks to years of being walked on.

Eventually, there may come a time where you wish to restore your garage floors to their former glory, whether it’s for your own amusement or to show off to friends. When that time comes, you’ll have to decide on resurfacing or refinishing your floor.

Resurfacing vs Refinishing: What’s the Difference?

They sound like they might be the same job, but there are big differences between refinishing and resurfacing your floors.


This is a simple enough job, where your floor is sanded and fresh stain, paint, or lacquer are applied to its surface. This is great for making your floor look new again, or perfect for quickly changing it up if you’d like a different color or staining. With the right tools and some time, refinishing can easily done as a DIY project.

garage floor resurfacing


Often requiring the removal and replacement of old or damaged parts of the floor, this job also requires a lot more time, equipment and energy than a simple refinishing of the floor. While you could do this one yourself, if you’ve never done a similar job or just aren’t comfortable with it, resurfacing is probably a task better left to the pros.

Which one you decide on will depend on the condition of your floors and your overall budget for the project, but you can rest assured that when you have a plan for your floor, getting in touch with garage floor resurfacing professionals will be the first big step in getting the job done.