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Monday 29th August 2016,
Best Wedding Food to Serve How to Make Strawberry Field Cupcakes Winter Comfort Foods Make Your Chocolate Butterflies Food Tips Life Hack

How to Make Strawberry Field Cupcakes

Since their invention in 1796, cupcakes have attracted people’s attention. They have conquered the world and have become one of the most beloved cakes. Everyone

Winter Comfort Foods

Winter season is the ideal justification to load up to your favourite comfort food. Nothing can beat a great warm meal to heat you up

Make Your Chocolate Butterflies

Decorate your cupcakes, cakes and much more! You want to keep your tiny artwork inside the freezer before you will need to use them, and

Food Tips Life Hack

Can you believe how much little details can change the way of your life? How much can little life hack tips change they way you

Delicious Recpes

Sweets you can make in your Microwave

There was a time when the microwave ovens were just used for heating up water or milk, defrosting or re-heating food, and cooking ready-meals. That was back in the day and now modern microwaves in [...]


How To:

Patterned Swiss Roll
Posted On September 5, 2014 | No Comments on Patterned Swiss Roll

If you decide to make a some cake roll and you want to try to decorate it, you can seen a few of this cakes and they are so amazing! It’s really not that hard [...]


Four Great Winter Drinks to Warm Up With

Winter is quickly approaching and in many areas that means colder weather, snow, ice, even freezing days and nights. That’s when something as simple as a warm drink can comfort, soothe, and satisfy the need [...]